Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The year 1954 marked the launching of the original Rolex GMT-Master into the watch world. It made its debut many years after the registration of the Rolex brand as a Trademark in 1908. Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis were the great inventors who did their best in making sure that the watch company stood its ground. In the recent times, the Replica versions. of the GMT-Master brand are causing waves online and in various fashion shops

One unique feature about the replica versions is the wonderful 2 time zones feature that comes with them. With such a feature you can actually detect what the time is saying in various time zones simultaneously. You can be in London and still know what says the time in Rome and in Lagos, Nigeria. This feature makes the watches the delight of many pilots who must have to be abreast with the different time zones as they carry out their duties. The replica versions complete a
24 hour circle in a single rotation.

Currently, new modifications have taken place in the replica versions. There is an upgraded version of the models known as the Rolex GMT MasterII versions. These models arrived into the watch world in 1983 in their original state. They have higher efficiency in time management than the former versions. They are known for having 3 time zone features. With that, you can now have a clear cut idea of what the time is saying in three different time zones of the world.

In all, both the former and newer versions are known for their wonderful facial compartments marked with the official crown logo of the Rolex Company. They also have well streamlined numerals that denote the time per moment. The watches are indeed very reliable.