Athena Atalanta

Monday, June 30, 2008

After a long spell of rain
It's magical outside
As if the fairies haunt
Places not yet dried.
The tables sparkle magically
Against the shimmering sun, they shine.
The fairies make them shine for me
And the magic is all mine,
Mine alone, as noone else
Can see my secret shrine.
The fairies trust in me alone-
The magic is all mine.

source: Poemhunter

A Typical Beach

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The sky is a splendour of azure
beside the wispy, waspy clouds
White and curling gently
on the breeze...

The sand is a honey-gold yellow
which sparkles in the sun
Waiting, beckoning brightly
around the trees...

The trees are a glory of moisture
even when it's dry
Green, wide leafed and healthy
in the shade...

The birds are calling shrewdly
and the howling cry
Makes no little child
even slightly afraid...

The sea is an inky turquoise
armed with salty waves
Always moving, never stopping
even at night...

The sun is a dot in the distance
creating light and heat
Showing the beach who brings the people-
the sun so bright!

source: poemhunter