The Dangers of Cell Phones While Driving

Saturday, June 27, 2009

For driver's safety it is advisable not to use cell phones when driving. Because it distracts your attention and also reduces your reaction time. Also because your one hand is busy in holding the phone so you do not get enough grip to handle the steering well and loose control of your car. This may lead to an accident.

It is not possible to perform two tasks at a time.

Talking on phone at the same time you are driving may distracts you and you may loose your focus from driving. You may not be able to give proper attention to the surrounding environment and unconsciously may break any rule. This may lead to cost you a ticket.

The electromagnetic waves that are emitted from the cell phone are not good for human beings and this fact is now proved by the science. They decrease your reaction time, disturb your coordination and also affect the activities of brain. These are only few of the drawbacks of using excess cell phone. It is impossible to live without phones but we can minimize their use.

Some people have installed the speaker system in their car so that they do not have to use cell phones. People may consider it as safe to use when in reality it is even more danger as it results in enhancing the field of electromagnetic waves. This not only affects the brain of the speaker but also of the other passengers in the car.

Using cell phones in an enclosed area is more dangerous than using it in open air. Sometimes you are traveling with your family in the car. Your children may get affected with its rays especially the young ones. This is because their skulls are not developed fully and are more susceptible to these types of risks.

For your teen drivers it is you who will have to set an example for them to follow. The cell phones should not be used until you have safely parked your car. Avoid taking calls during driving and make calls only in case of emergency. Even in case of emergency, park your car before making a call.

Your safety is in your hand. Try not to put yourself as well as others around you in danger. Nothing can be as important as you and your family's life. Calls should be done before you start driving and try to decide the venue of meeting in advance. If you need to make an urgent call stop over for a while and then make a call. After making the call, continue your drive with full concentration.

You should adopt good driving practices as well as cell phone safety methods so that your health is not affected by the use of cell phone.

Good reflexes help you to avoid many accidents. Excessive use of cell phone can disturb your time of reaction. Abide by the laws and follow them as they are for your own benefits. So adopt good driving practices and ensure satisfactory life.