Osiris PLG skate shoes

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bottom Line

The Osiris PLGpro model is a pretty good all around skate shoe. It's light, breathable, durable, and looks good. Unfortunately, it can take some time to break the shoes in. Also, the laces that come with the shoes aren't going to last - you'll be needing to replace them pretty quick, if you do many tricks. But, the shoes do look good, have a good design, and don't weigh your feet down.
  • Lightweight and breathable, with mesh side panels and breather holes in the toes
  • Durable - made of triple stitched action leather
  • Pro model - designed by Pierre Luc Gagnon
  • Stiff - the leather on the upper (the top of the shoe) takes some time to break in
  • The laces are weak, and very exposed on the sides to being torn from doing flip tricks


  • Strong, sturdy leather upper
  • Breathable mesh side panels and toe perforation
  • Padded ankle cuff holds the heel in place
  • Tongue straps hold the tongue in place, while also holding the foot
  • Thick padded tongue - not super puffy, but thick enough to add comfort and stability
  • Strong, angled tread scored to provide better flex
  • Available in six different color schemes (black and white with: red, gray, white, black and blue)
  • Pierre Luc Gagnon pro model

Guide Review - Osiris PLG skate shoes review (Pierre Luc Gagnon pro model)

These are good, solid shoes. They're tough, light and stylish.

First off, they're tough. Made from thick, sturdy action leather, the Osiris PLGs can take the beating that skating dishes out. Not only made from heavy duty leather, the shoes are double stitched - a must for high quality shoes for any sport, but especially for skate shoes.

The PLGs are also light weight. That's a hard mix, strength and light weight, but these shoes pull it off. The soles are fairly standard, without too many bells or whistles. They're thin enough for you to feel your board, but still provide some comfort.

Unfortunately, before these shoes get comfortable, you have to spend a while breaking them in. For several days the shoes flexed with each step so that it bit my toe on one foot. This is an odd problem, and after some wrestling with the shoes, they worked ok, but I had to mention it.

The second frustration is bigger - some skate shoes come with good, strong thick laces that can last for a while through the trials of skating. The laces that come with these shoes are not only exposed through a poor design that puts them in the perfect spot to get worn with each ollie, but the laces themselves are light and thin. So, when you try out Osiris PLGs, pick up an extra set of tougher laces.

Otherwise, these shoes are good. Light and tough - a hard mix to pull off, and looking good.

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