Digital Camcorders Have Advantages

Friday, February 15, 2008

Creating and editing videos has never been easier than with digital video cameras. A digital camcorder provides a convenient way to create movies and put them on tape, DVD or even the internet. As easy as it may seem it may still be prudent for you to understand some basics so that you can get the best quality camcorder for your money.

There are some things to remember when shopping for a digital camcorder. You should pay attention to a few key features of digital camcorders. The viewing screen is one of the most important and relevant factors of the entire device. Remember that you will use this screen not only for shooting your movies but for the convenient playback feature. You will want to be able to adequately view your playback.

Of utmost importance is the lense of any camcorder. Most camcorders sold today feature at least a 10x zoom lens. This is adequate for most purposes. Often higher zoom levels are not able to maintain a quality video so they may not be useful.

All camcorders offer one of two types of image stabilization. They are electronic or optical. Image stabilization is incredibly important. The electronic stabilization counteracts images that seem to float on the CCD by using internal circuitry to interpret video after the image has been captured. The optical option uses the len's mechanism to compensate for external movements.

Sound is also an important consideration. Sound relies on the quality of the microphone on the camcorder. Some camcorders offer zoom microphones which enhance the voice quality of the subject being recorded. If sound is important to your recordings consider a camcorder that has a socket to plug in a remote microphone.